Bushfire problems should take priority and be handled in this manner,” he told ABC News

Bushfire problems should take priority and be handled in this manner," he told ABC News.

That's not how Mr. Johnson sees it. "We know fire is bad and we know it's expensive," he said. "We're going to try to minimize the effect on business and it's an obvious cost."

But a spokesman for the National Wildlife Federation, which represents ranchers and users of oil and gas extraction across the country, said its own investigation found that the industry is spending $100 to $200 million annually to upgrade existing fire protection equipment and install new systems.

"It's about $200 million a year," said Doug Anderson, executive director of the National Wildlife Federation. "Our industry should be investing in this technology, not trying to put a price on fire safety."

And his group is a little skeptical of Mr. Johnson's statement. "There's always a way to build fire resistance, but it's not a one-time thing," said John D. Fife, N.W.F.'s executive vice president for policy. "People aren't putting it together. So it's not a one-time thing."

This doesn't mean oil companies aren't trying to save money -- as long as they're not selling the firefighting services to the wrong people, Mr. Fife said. "The only thing we don't understand about this바카라 is why would they do that?" he asked. "What does it cost? So if we understand where they are, what's the value of that?"

The price tag, he said, could be lower if the firefighting equipment was offered to low-income communities who are already suffering high poverty rates and who depend on services from the oil and gas sector. "We've got to change that," he said. "I think the folks who should be trying to save lives and money are the people who are paying for it."

Some oil companies, including the company Shell, have been quietly buying oil protection equipment to deal with climate change and water shortages for decades. But it is still relatively rare for companies to buy fire protection equipment at prices lower than the value they would earn on a crude oil sale. In some of 더킹카지노the countries wh더킹카지노ere a large percentage of the oil companies are developing, fire protection equipment prices are below the price at which the oil companies can sell it.

But oil producers say it's no longer a trade secret that high prices are a major problem for their companies.

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