Datrek Assault review

We like to help the golfers looking for quality bags by offering them the best reviews and today we are going to present you one of the most practical golf bags currently on the market, the Datrek Assault. Let's have a look together at what are the key features of this excellent golf bag, how much does it cost and what are its main advantages and disadvantages.

Datrek is a well known brand for passionate golfers because they have been producing premium golf accessories for more than 25 years. Therefore, it is only common sense that every golfer that purchases a Datrak bag will be expecting to receive a high quality product that is meant to last for years even if used in harsh conditions. And we have to assure you that you won't be disappointed if you go for the new Datrek Assault golf bag, certainly one of the best we have tested this year viagra andorre.

What will certainly impress you as soon as you get your hands on this great cart bag is the way it feels. Made out of high quality nylon, it offers plenty of storing space for your clubs and for your accessories and comes with a very interesting quick access ball pocket.

We cannot find too many negative aspects when it comes to the Datrek Assault, maybe the fact that it might not be visually appealing for everybody. But in spite of this, we reckon that it is among the best golf bags money can buy for less than 180 dollars.

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