New Sun Mountain 2011 SLX review

We are aware of the importance a great golf bag has on the overall game of a golfer and this is why we are trying to offer the best selection on our site. Today we are going to present you the New Sun Mountain 2011 SLX, one of the golf bags that has become extremely popular in the last period due to the wonderful things it has to offer.

The New Sun Mountain 2011 SLX comes in a huge variety of color combinations and we are sure that you can easily find one that suits your preferences. The materials from which this excellent golf bag is built are of very high quality and we have all the reason to believe that it will last for a pretty long time, in spite of a heavy use.

This excellent bag has cleverly built compartments so that you won't have any problems in fitting your favorite golf clubs along with the most needed accessories in it. In addition, the stand is very well designed and confers it a very good stability that will certainly be appreciated by most golf players.

Overall we reckon that the New Sun Mountain 2011 SLX is one of the most attractive golf bags on the market at the moment and we strongly recommend it to any golf passionate that can afford to spend around 180 dollars on one of the current great golf bags.