Types of golf bags

In case you are a golf passionate on the market for a new golf bag that will accompany you on the course, the first thing you need to know is the fact that there are three main types of golf bags available on the market vend du viagra. Read the next lines in order to find out more about the three main types of golf bags, including their most important features.

The carry bag is the basic type of golf bag and in the same time the most popular among amateur golf players. They are specially made to be carried on the course either by the player or his caddie and this is the main reason they are lightweight, small and have a simple design. As you can imagine, carry bags are generally made out of nylon or canvas and you can fit inside your preferred clubs and a couple of other extra objects.

Cart bags are meant to be carried on the golf cart, as their name suggests and because you or your caddie don't have to carry them in the back, they are much larger than carry bags and more clubs and accessories can be fit inside.

Staff bags are the third type and they are mainly built for professionals because you can fit just about anything you can think of inside them. Even if they are quite large, they can be carried around by a caddie, even if there is no problem in placing them on a golf cart.