How much does a great golf bag cost?

We have to admit that the price is an important decision factor for most of us, whether we are talking about clothes, cars, gadgets or golf accessories.

Every golf player needs a golf bag and you can find a new one starting with as low as 50 dollars, but the question is not how much an ordinary one costs, but how much does a great one cost.

There are a lot of factors that are influencing the price of a golf bag, starting with its type, its size, the materials from which is made from, the manufacturer and of course the place you buy it from. In addition to this, you need to understand the fact that not every great golf bag has to cost a fortune and we can offer you dozens of examples of low priced golf bags that are much more qualitative than some that cost several hundred dollars.

In order to try and answer the question from the title we have to tell you that we have seen some excellent golf bags with prices starting around 150 dollars. Indeed, they represented the exceptions because most of the models in that price range were not very good, but it is a sign that you can buy something good without spending a fortune.

Most of the great golf bags we have tested had prices between 250 and 500 dollars a price that some of you can afford for a quality golf bag. However, remember to keep your eyes open for discounts.