Leather or nylon golf bag?

When it comes to golf accessories every player and passionate knows that there are plenty of options and it is also the case of golf bags. On the market you will find hundreds of models, each with its own particularities, advantages and disadvantages. However, if you decide to sort them depending on the material from which they are made, you will mainly have to choose between leather and nylon golf bags.

Which one is better? Well, we don't have a straight answer to this question and we think that the more appropriate question would be: which one is better for me? Every golf player has his own style and this influences the things he needs on the course and when it comes to golf bags, the decision is quite tricky.

Leather golf bags are of course much better looking and nobody can disagree to the fact that they add a touch of class on the golf course viagra a prix bas en france. In most cases they are also more resistant, but only if kept in proper conditions because bad weather can severely affect them. And finally, they are a lot more expensive than nylon golf bags.

On the other hand, nylon golf bags are a lot more practical because they are lighter and therefore easier to carry around the course. They are considerably cheaper and even if nylon is not as good looking as leather, it will withstand rain, humidity and direct sun exposure in a much better way than leather.